Holborn charity saves a tonne of food! /

On 27th October 2012, inmidtown member The Best Before Project teamed up with an intrepid group of volunteers from Feeding the 5000 to pick apples and pears from a farm in Kent.  They saved a tonne of freshly picked apples and pears, which would otherwise have gone to waste due to not meeting the strict cosmetic standards of supermarkets.  The fruit, which was still delicious and nutritious, was distributed from Best Before’s Holborn depot, for free, to six charities that work with poor families and the homeless.

The Best Before Project aims to tackle the needless waste of perfectly good food (and consequent ecological impact) due to the misinterpretation of ‘best before’ labelling.  If you are a food-related business (restaurant or retailer) or have an in-house canteen, and would like to save money by selling products passed their best before date, save waste disposal fees, help the environment and feed people in need, please email info@bestbefore.org.uk or call 07823 323240. There are lots of ways your business can get involved. Please contact Best Before for more information.

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