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The Best Before Project will shortly be opening a food distribution point in Holborn.  The not-for-profit organisation collects food past its “best before” date and delivers it, free, to charities, community groups and religious organisations. 

An enormous amount of food waste is sent to landfill due to a confusion of the terms “best before” and “use by”.  Most food passed its “best before” is still fit for consumption, although it may have lost some flavour or texture.  The Best Before Project aims to inform food distribution businesses of the real meanings of the date marks on the products they sell, encouraging them to sell these products at a reduced price.  For outlets that do not wish to sell on such products, The Best Before Project will collect unwanted items for distribution.

The Best Before Project is interested in contacting all local businesses that handle “best before” labelled foods, from corner shops to restaurants.  Get in touch to:-

  • Save money by selling products that have passed their best before date
  • Save on waste disposal fees – The Best Before Project collects unwanted products for free
  • Help to preserve the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions
  • Feed people in need – The Best Before Project distributes to charities and community groups

To get involved please email or call 07823 323240.

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