The Birds & the Bees (& the Bats Hopefully!) /

The competition winning wildlife habitat suite, Habi-Sabi by 51% studios, has now been produced and is being rolled out across the inmidtown districts.  The ‘flat pack’ Habi-Sabi suite, which consists of a beehive, planter and bird / bat box, is extremely simple to assemble, needing only a mallet and a screwdriver.  Click here to watch a video of its construction.  The first bat / bee box is due to be installed next week at Central St Giles.  We are hoping that a family of swifts will find it a useful spot to set up home.  If you would like to install any part of the Habi-Sabi suite on your premises, do get in touch.

September was also the time of the 2ndinmidtown honey harvest.  We were amazed to discover that our resident bees had overcome the bad weather to produce a honey yield nearly double that of last year!  Most of the honey was left in the hives as the main source of Winter food for the colonies, but despite the wash-out summer and consequent nectar shortage, the bees produced enough to spare us 37 lbs of honey.

inmidtown bird boxes (£20), bee hotels (£6), jars of honey (£10) and Habi-Sabi beehives (£300), planters (£125) and bird / bat boxes (£75) are all available to purchase in the GoToMidtown shop at 56 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1ES.  Do please pop by to take a look!  And if you get stuck out in the rain, make a bee-line to the shop to purchase a GoToMidtown umbrella (£10).

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