inmidtown Annual Event /

It was a pleasure to meet so many members at this year’s Annual Event, held at Olswang’s offices on 18th September. 

After official business of the AGM, Borough Commander, John Sutherland, from the Met Police informed us of the success of recent arrests in the area and the benefits of partnership working with inmidtown and the local business community.  He went on to say that the majority of crimes in the Bloomsbury, Holborn & St Giles districts were handbag and phone theft, reminding us to remain vigilant at all times.  Adam Harvey from London Executive spoke about the inmidtown cab service and urged businesses to consider the installation of a stand-alone booking kiosk on their premises and for individuals to download the iPhone booking app.  Matthew Hopkinson from the Local Data Company reported on studies of occupancy and usage of retail and business space.  inmidtown CEO, Tass Mavrogordato, spoke about inmidtown initiatives such as Zero to Landfill,  public realm projects, the longest Facebook timeline ever and our recent social media drive.  (Find us on Twitter @BuzzBeeTweets, @GoToMidtown and @inmidtownbuzz for members only.)

After the presentations, attendees were invited to see the prototype Habi-Sabi beehive and were pleasantly surprised to discover that it had turned orange over the Summer!

Thank you to all who attended.  We hope you had a great evening.

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