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Soon, local businesses will be able to count the real cost-savings of cutting their carbon footprint. All thanks to the hard work of Corin Wates, inmidtown’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associate.

Corin is currently developing an integrated carbon management system which relates directly to the services we offer. That means that members will be able to see exactly what they save,  in carbon as well as costs, when they sign up to inmidtown schemes such as Zero to Landfill or Better Buying.

Carbon saving starts at home

Our KTP Associate has already carried out a carbon audit of the inmidtown organisation for the year 2010. Over the period we were responsible for around 110 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. That’s a fairly modest figure but, armed with the statistics, we can make a realistic commitment to reducing it.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

KTP is a programme that helps businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity, using the knowledge, technology and skills within the UK Knowledge Base. We started our own programme in January 2011 in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire.

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