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Along with walking, cycling is about as sustainable as it gets when it comes to transport. That’s why we are keen to do everything we can to promote cycling within and into the district.

Two wheels good

We’re working hard to make the area more cycle-friendly, redressing the dominance of traffic and improving the general street environment. That also means ensuring that the safety and interests of pedestrians and other road users are also respected. That’s why we have published our Considerate Cyclist Code and work closely with the police to encourage safer cycling.

The London Cycle Hire Scheme

This has given cycling in the capital a great boost. You can find a map and details of the scheme here.  So far the district has nine docking stations:

  • Old North Street
  • Southampton Place
  • Montague Street(British Museum)
  • Great Russell Street (Bloomsbury Street junction)
  • Earnshaw Street
  • High Holborn (Museum Street junction)
  • Kingsway (South of Kemble Street)
  • Theobald’s Road (by Bedford Row)
  • Holborn Circus

Read the results of a report on the success of the Cycle Hire Scheme here.

Plant-locks plus

We have already begun started a programme of installing plant-locks.  They’re a great way to add a little carbon-absorbing, bee-friendly greenery to the streetscape, at the same time as providing somwhere to plant your bike while you go off to work or to the shops. Several are already in place at key locations and more are on their way. We’ve also been teaming up with local cycling organisations, distributing co-branded cycling starter packs, and holding maintenance and cycling proficiency workshops.

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