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If you currently provide drinking water for your staff or for customers, the chances are that you can quench their thirst far more cost-effectively and in a much more eco-friendly way.

Savings on tap and cooler water coolers

Many businesses provide drinking water in the shape of large bottles on cooling units. Unfortunately, the bottles clock up long distances on the way to your cooler and back for refilling. In fact, we calculate that each bottle of cooler water is responsible for 1kg of CO2, the equivalent of an average family car travelling 18 kms. The cost-effective alternative is a mains-fed water cooler that delivers filtered drinking water for little more than the price of tap water and substantially reduces the size of your carbon footprint.

Bottle it

If you provide bottled water as part of your business, whether in hotel rooms, for restaurants or business meetings, you can also use mains-fed filtering and serve the resulting drinking water in your own branded bottles. It’s a stylish and eco-friendly way to make significant cost savings.

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