Marketing & Promotions /

There are a number of simple ways in which inmidtown is able to promote the district and contribute to its commercial well-being.

Helping members help themselves

Our various networking events help to make local businesses known to each other. Members can also use the monthly e-newsletter, as well as our seasonal e-shots, to bring specific promotions to the attention of other members. 

Looking outwards

Our Rangers and information kiosk frequently point people in the direction of local businesses, handing out 1,200 area maps every week along with the Shopping & Eating guide which we publish twice a year. The consumer-facing version of the inmidtown website also has a key role to play in telling the world exactly what our district has to offer and showing people exactly where to find it. Available through the kiosk's touch-screen facility, 24/7, it also makse sure that information is at hand even when the kiosk is closed.




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