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A prominent landmark on Kingsway, outside Holborn station, the information kiosk provides one of our most popular services. It fields enquiries from over 120,000 people every year and is currently open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, although we are considering extending the hours.

For your information and more

Many enquirers need directions to a local business. For them, the touch-screen directory puts the answer literally at their fingertips. There are also increasing numbers of tourists who need help and the kiosk has been designated an Official Tourist Information Point by Visit London, the only one of its kind.

Apart from acting as a source of information, the kiosk is also a convenient meeting point and safe haven, especially in the evenings when things can get very congested. Incidents, such as theft or abuse, can also be reported to the Rangers here who are in direct communication with local Police Community Support Officers.

Are you a local charity?

The kiosk supports a different charity each month. To arrange a collection box for your charity here, please call 020 7078 7077 or email

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