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Our district is an area of projected growth and intensification over the next two decades and this will inevitably put pressure on the existing transport infrastructure.  It’s an issue that will affect everyone who lives, work or visits here. Despite the excellent bus, tube and rail connections, travelling into the area is not always a happy experience, especially during rush hours. Overcrowding and congestion are problems that need to be addressed.

Our greatest challenge

Major projects such as Crossrail offer real opportunities for change and inmidtown is taking an increasingly proactive role in shaping future transport strategy. With our in-depth understanding of the area, we believe we are in a unique position to represent the interests of all BID members to those bodies responsible for the relevant transport planning decisions.

Starting the debate

As part of the agenda for change we set out in our ‘Holborn Regeneration’ study, we made a number of suggestions to proke discussion around the area’s transport challenges. These covered traffic flow, bus routes and safety at pedestrian crossings, as well as proposals to reduce the level of congestion and de-stressing the commuter experience. We also looked at ways of better identifying alternative walking routes.  

A similar travel and transport analysis will inform discussions with Camden Council and Transport for London regarding changes to ease congestion in the enlarged district. Better provision of cycling lanes and other facilities for cyclists as well as improved identification of walking routes, such as the mayor’s Legible London initiative, should encourage ‘greener’ modes of travel.

Travel plans for business

We distribute the Smarter Working Guide to encourage businesses to consider flexible working arrangements for their staff. This is a very effective way to relieve peak period overcrowding with fewer people travelling in and out of the area during the traditional rush hour and less congestion. And that can mean a happier and more productive workforce.

We also focus on the benefits to business of devising corporate travel plans and support Transport for London’s Travel Plan schemes which promote sustainable ways of travelling to and from work. For more information, go to or

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