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Taxi and courier services are both areas where BID members can make real financial savings and cut their carbon footprint as well. You can read more below. altenrair, to arrange a visit to assess needs or ask any questions, call 020 7078 7077 or email


Businesses can spend a fortune on taxis every year and they contribute significantly to your carbon footprint. Our Passenger Transport Framework Agreement delivers cost savings of 25-40% or more, as well as helping to manage carbon usage. Chosen after rigorous tendering, our suppliers can provide all your current services at competitive prices, with no compromise on service or quality.

The benefits

  • Easy to register
  • Highly competitive pricing thanks to economies of scale means guaranteed savings on existing contracts.
  • Easy to book by phone or a single on-line platform. We’re also developing a phone app to it even faster and convenient.
  • 24 hour call centre and customer service support
  • Better accountability from a single provider.
  • Regular management information supplied, to build a compliant culture. Passenger profile information collated on your behalf
  • Comfortable, dependable Mercedes E-Class or Toyota Prius 3rd generation cars.
  • Significant carbon savings compared with licensed black cabs.
  • Carbon footprint data supplied.

Courier Services

When it comes to couriers, many businesses struggle with a mixed bag suppliers. Now you can have a single highly professional supplier providing a service that’s reliable, easy to book, fully accountable, friendly and quick to respond. It’s also exceptionally green and highly competitive.

Real flexibility

Our chosen supplier runs a mixed fleet of nimble, small-engined machines ideal in dense traffic, and larger vehicles for rapid delivery over longer distances. A flexible UK overnight service offers latest possible close-out times and there's comprehensive coverage of mainland Britain, Northern Ireland and offshore islands, and abroad.

The service is particularly suitable for multi-tenanted buildings or large volume users, since it makes use of the UK’s first courier ‘Drop Boxes’. Clients simply ‘post’ their pre-labelled parcels in a secure metal box in their foyer or post room. Collections three times a day guarantee same day and next day delivery.

The benefits

  • Easy to register
  • Reliable, established company offering a dedicated, fully resourced service for inmidtown businesses
  • A single point of contact for all your courier needs. With a 24 hour call centre and customer service support
  • Book by phone or on a single, online booking platform.
  • Electric vehicles and carbon neutral solutions
  • A joined-up local service that reduces freight and congestion
  • Cost savings from a service that operates in a ring-fenced area
  • Co-ordinated daily collections via the secure ‘Drop Box’ facility
  • Online live tracking of deliveries and electronic proof of delivery
  • Regular management information and carbon savings data provided

To arrange a visit to assess your taxi or courier needs or to ask any questions, call 020 7078 7077 or email

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