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Climate change and sustainability have moved rapidly up the political agenda in the past few years. In the face of the global environmental challenges, government and EU directives to business are increasingly taking into account the environmental impact of their activities.

Helping you to go green

At inmidtown we are very aware of the issues and have launched a number of initiatives to help BID members meet their environmental targets whilst gaining real business benefits.

One obvious example is the ‘Zero to Landfill’ project which apart from significantly reducing the district’s carbon footprint, is designed to cut waste management costs for local businesses by at least 10%. The launch of complements this project perfectly. Similarly, several of our joint procurement offerings have a positive environmental dimension whether it’s reducing the number of delivery vehicles on the roads or offering a greener taxi service. The development of our Carbon Calculator will enable local businesses to put real figures on reduction of their carbon footprint as well as the money they're saving.

Practicing what we preach

We have already won two EECO (that’s Environmental Excellence in Camden Organisations) awards from Camden Council for our own sustainable practice.

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