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Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles lie at the heart of London. Though historically and culturally rich, they have, in the past, been somewhat overshadowed, commercially at least, by the West End and the City of London, their neighbours on either side.

All that is about to change. In the case of Holborn, the transformation has already begun. Thanks, largely to the work of inholborn, the area has grown in confidence to become a place in which to invest, somewhere to visit rather than simply pass through.

Building on success

The newly enlarged BID is well placed to expand on those achievements. And there is still much to be done in order to drive the district forward as a vibrant commercial destination of choice, that preserves and celebrates its unique identity.

As part of London’s central zone and a major business and employment centre, our district has been designated as an area of growth and intensification by both Camden Council and the Mayor’s London Plan.

The next two to 20 years present real challenges but, more importantly, exciting opportunities.

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