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Working with the Metropolitan Police, inmidtown is helping to deter crime in the district with a scheme to scan and log personal and business property on a national database.

Scan it, log it see it again
Portable computing devices and smartphones are the UK’s two most stolen items, as well as being all too easily left behind on the train or bus. And that can mean losing important business, as well as personal, information. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to increase your chances of seeing your lost or stolen property again. And it’s completely free.

Immobilise is a national property database on which you can log pretty much anything. Should it turn up after being lost or stolen, it can be identified and returned to you. Once logged, you can also attach a security sticker to deter thieves and, even if you don't retrieve your property, you have an accurate and official record for the insurance claim.

Making it easier for inmidtown members
You can register virtually anything from mobile phones to office equipment, as an individual or as a company.

BID members can simply email or call 020 7078 7077 and we'll arrange a time and a date for the Met Police to visit your premises, set up your corporate registration and log business items.

Employees of BID members, can either log items directly at or visit one of the regular local surgeries conducted by the Neighbourhoods Team in partnership with inmidtown.

Protect it with immobilise

  • Open a free account at
  • Register each item of property by logging its description and serial number on the site. Even add a photograph.
  • If it’s lost or stolen, reporting it online will immediately add it to the Police’s NMPR and the CheckMend databases of lost or stolen property.
  • These are checked regularly by the police and the second-hand trade and the public can use them if offered something suspicious.
  • Police carry mobile scanners to check items they believe may have been stolen. If yours is registered with immobilise, it will be identified immediately.
  • You have access to a full and accurate print-out of each item registered, making it far easier to complete a crime report or insurance claim.

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